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Cloud City - Rhino Level 1
This course (Cloud City - Rhino L.1) is for anyone new to Rhino 5. Recognized as an official introductory course, all trainees receive an Official McNeel Rhino level 1 Certificate... Read more..

Cloud City - Rhino L.1

10:00 September 10, 2016

In this 4 day initiate level workshop, you will learn the basics of computational design with grasshopper and beyond, and you will put this freshly acquired knowledge to good use, by designing and fabricating... Read more..

Design & Make - 2,5d Tiles

10:00 September 24, 2016

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[Robotics Pending]

3D Printing | Laser Cutting | CNC Milling

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welcome to decode™

Decode™, based in Athens with 3D-Print, Laser-Cut and CNC Milling machinery, is a Computational, Fabrication and Research Laboratory, where education and production meet through design in a coherent and effective way. Part of the global Rhino Fab Lab, ChaosGroup and MakerBot community, and with dedicated training and workshop spaces, it is built by designers. architects and craftsmen, open to our cause: to build prototypes and decode computational knowledge thus making it more accessible.

Ichnos – Marios Tsiliakos

Ichnos - Intangible Data Trails | Forming the Invisible - Marios Tsiliakos Ichnos (Greek: ίχνος) is an ongoing investigation, currently on the 3.05 version, where intangible data, such as social network [...]

Iso_Surfaces v1

Isosurface Facade Prototypes from Anne Steinkogler on Vimeo. IsoPrototyping marks the foundations of a continuous research initiative, undertaken at the Institute for Experimental Architecture Hochbau in Innsbruck, within the context [...]

Parametric Urbanism [1]

Urban Reef [by] is a housing proposal for the Hudson Yards area of New York. Occupied by a train depot, the site forms a recess in the continuity of the [...]




Beginners Join Now!
September 10-11 with Star Wars Cloud City!
Hi there!
Good News! Summer is not over!
Put your sunscreen on and get your laptop, our first batch
See More of workshops for the new Academic Year is out!
Time to hone those 3d modeling skills while everyone else goes to the boring beaches, so check our Decode Calendar below for upcoming stuff! Less
Twisted Tower Floor-Slab 1:50 Physical Model

Plexiglass Base and Rooftop
3DPrint PLA walls and Furniture
See More Lighting
Wooden Louvers and FloorsSee Less